A New Investment

The process always begins with a clean sheet of paper. We listen to clients and their advisers and work with them to understand their particular objectives. Once these have been established, we then design a clearly stepped plan to achieve them. This will usually incorporate areas such as strategy, structures, transparency, costs, platforms, and other non-investable assets. No one plan looks like another and experience tells us that the flexibility to adapt to our clients’ changing views as that plan progresses is essential and invaluable.

We work with you and your advisers to ensure that any investment arrangement is appropriate and transparent and that the investment managers and clients understand each other’s needs, opinions and limitations clearly.

Before work begins we meet with clients and their advisers and put together a proposal setting out the issues that we think they face and where we can assist them. We offer a bespoke service but areas covered may include:

  • Defining investment objectives
  • Developing investment policy
  • Investment strategy
  • Integrating investments with tax advice
  • Investment manager selection
  • Ongoing advice and monitoring
  • Specialist project work
  • Consolidated reporting and analysis