Review of Existing Investments

One of the most common situations we deal with is clients’ concerns about their existing arrangements. This can be investment portfolios they manage themselves or delegate to discretionary investment managers, or both.

There is a whole spectrum of reasons why we are approached – from clients happy with performance and service levels but wishing to satisfy themselves that they are obtaining the best advice for beneficiaries or other stakeholders; through clients with a nagging feeling that something just isn’t right; to dealing with poor investment performance. The inputs, and therefore the solutions, are often very different.

We meet with clients, their advisers and often managers to gather their views and identify any particular successes and issues that have arisen in relation to the portfolio. We then undertake a thorough review covering all aspects of the current arrangements, providing detailed commentary and specific recommendations as to how we believe improvements could be made.

Following this we may assist with implementing change, ranging from minor tweaks through to wholesale strategic re-evaluation.

Areas that we typically cover include:

  • Refining and reconsidering investment objectives
  • Developing investment policy
  • Reporting and assessing performance
  • Investment strategy
  • Manager and investment selection
  • Ongoing advice and monitoring
  • Specialist project work
  • Reports for trustees