Our Clients

JTFM enjoys working with a wide range of clients.

We have ongoing relationships with many and our roles include sitting on investment committees, advising trustees and attending annual or quarterly meetings.

Investments advised on range in size from £5M - over £100M.

The age range of clients who employ us directly runs from 23 to 81. The priorities and concerns vary hugely over these groups. We deal with trust beneficiaries of every age.


“JTFM have been helpful with technical investment advice on large and complex client matters.”

“Excellent job. Keep up the good work.”

“I have found the JTFM team to have a warm and approachable manner. They have demonstrated that they use a considered and rational thought process in analysing their clients’ needs which translates to a keen understanding of the situation under review and clear requests/instructions to the (potential) manager. Their communication is excellent and I have always found them a pleasure to deal with.”

“Many thanks for an enjoyable and informative meeting. As you have probably realised it is very important for us to have a team who not only look after us well but with whom we feel relaxed and have confidence in. Welcome to that team.”

"I cannot recommend JTFM’s services highly enough. Their knowledge and expertise have proved invaluable to me and the ability to translate technical, complex information in a straightforward, practical way has made all the difference, enabling me to make the right decisions, at the right time.”

“I have been very impressed with the professionalism of the JTFM team.  They have a strong ability to guide clients and help them form investment policies, and then importantly introduce investment professionals not just suitable for the mandates but also for the people involved.  This is all done with huge charm and clear thinking, and good feedback following presentations.”

“Thank you for your advice and support. All going extremely well.”

“Where we have been asked to pitch for an investment mandate we value the experience and expertise the JTFM team have. We are always well briefed on the mandate and know exactly what is asked of us.”

“JTFM provided a practical report with clear actionable advice. Very well received by all parties.”

“JTFM provide valuable, independent advice in a complex investment market.”